Friday, 22 July 2016

Chamber urges Ontario to expand Internet access in rural areas

“Access to high speed Internet is essential for Windsor-Essex businesses to compete in the 21stcentury global economy,” said Matt Marchand, president and CEO of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.
“It is critical that all regions across Ontario, especially rural areas, have access to this essential infrastructure.”
Tom Bain, Essex County warden and Lakeshore mayor, said there are a number of “dead zones” across the county; in areas such as St. Joachim, Emeryville and Lighthouse Cove.
“So many of our small businesses depend on the Internet for their advertising, for the selling products online,” said Bain.  “They get extremely frustrated when they can’t carry on business properly;  you need that speed today.”
Bain noted that the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus has long been pushing for ultra-high-speed Internet across the region through  SWIFT, a $287-million project that would be jointly funded governments and the private sector.
“We are getting positive signals from Queen’s Park,” said Bain, adding he was hopeful an announcement would be forthcoming before the end of summer.

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