Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sharing the SWIFT survey with your community

SWIFT (Southwest Integrated Fibre Technology) launched its set of 3 Internet User Surveys for the region last week! There are surveys for 1) Residential/Farm Users, 2) Business Users and 3) MUSH (Municipalities, Utilities, Schools & Hospitals) Users.

SWIFT reports that it has wide support from its member communities, leading to a strong response rate so far. Many municipal partners are sharing the survey through their official municipal communication channels, and if your organization would like to do so, SWIFT is inviting you to share their link:
Congratulations SWIFT for the successful launch of your program!  It is a busy time for this initiative as it wraps up Phase 1: Request for Pre-Qualification (RfPQ) and moves into Phase 2: Request for Proposals (RfP).  

The R2B2 Project, as a research partner to SWIFT, is pleased to collaborate on the data stewardship, analytics and mapping of this emerging network.