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Welcome to the new R2B2 website!

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We’re pleased to release this new updated website for the R2B2 project. We’re looking forward to keeping you informed about our activities in 2018.

Just a reminder, the SWIFT residential/farm and business surveys are continuing and your input for “Broadband for Everyone” in Southwest Ontario, Niagara and Caledon is greatly appreciated.

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Future Projects

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R2B2 is involved in a range of other regional and rural broadband action research activities. This includes relevant university networks such as Digital Futures. We also liaise with social innovation groups (e.g. Evergreen’s Mid-Size City Study), various digital initiatives by the Province of Ontario (e.g. OMAFRA, MEDEI, etc.) as well as federal agencies (e.g. ISED, AAFC, etc.). We welcome new collaborations and seek to ensure the best possible knowledge base for “all things rural Internet.” We do this not only for the sake of top-notch research and innovation, but also for the benefit of everyone living in Canada and Ontario.

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Partnership Development

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Regional and rural broadband is best understood as a system which is made up of different actors (e.g. rural and urban consumers, large and small telecoms, political leaders, researchers, engineering consultants, information technology firms, etc.), relationships of trust, governance and accountability and design elements such as financing, facilities and information.

After many years, even decades, of efforts to address broadband gaps in rural and remote areas of Canada, we know that changes in one part of the system are moderated by other parts of the system. For example, investment effectiveness is influenced by the quality of information used for the analysis. Improved analytics for investment decision-making are likely to affect change in other areas of the system, such as a shift to include new actors, or to improve existing relationships as well as financing.

R2B2 seeks to develop knowledge to enhance performance in each element of regional and rural broadband, but also to understand what happens when elements of the system change. This knowledge helps to leverage innovation, we believe, and ultimately, improve the delivery, uptake and use of connectivity in rural areas.