Project Goals

Outcome Analysis for Rural Broadband Infrastructure, Applications and Adoption in Southwestern Ontario

The goal of this project is to assess existing policy opportunities and potential economic and social outcomes of broadband infrastructure, applications and adoption in SW Ontario. The specific objectives are as follows:
  1. To identify and organize datasets for analysis of rural broadband infrastructure, applications and adoption ex-ante and ex-poste outcomes in SW Ontario;
  2. To identify and test quantitative models and key metrics for assessing the digital economy in rural SW Ontario;
  3. To evaluate and prioritize metrics of return on investment at three interconnected levels of digital economy actors ie. 
    1. MUSH (municipal, utilities, schools and hospitals);  
    2. SME's (incl. agri-business/farms/supply chain providers/business parks) and;
    3. rural households or residences outside Metro Influence Zones (MIZ);
  4. To identify, at least in a preliminary manner given this 18 month project, existing obstacles and opportunities for broadband infrastructure, applications and adoption including where possible, ensuring cross-referencing to the guiding principles of regional infrastructure to determine future policy options.
Area of focus - Southwestern Ontario

Focusing on SW Ontario, this project employs updated datasets and develops and tests, in a preliminary manner, outcome analysis models for public broadband investment.