Publications & Presentations

Here you can find publications,presentations and other material authored by members of the research team or from our research partners as relating to the R2B2 Regional & Rural Broadband Project.

The Growth of the Network Media Economy in Canada, 1984-2015.Canadian Media Concentration Research project (CMCRP)

Economic Impact of Fibre Optic Infrastructure
Dr. Bento Lobo

Pant, L. P. (2016) Responsive Countryside: The Digital Age and Rural Communities, by Roberto Gallardo. (2016). Published by Mississippi State University Extension Service Intelligent Community Institute. Available as Kindle; 174 pages. Publisher’s website:  Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 

Innovations in Farm Families and Rural Communities: Capacity Development for Broadband Use in Southern Ontario. 
Hambly, Fitzsimons, Pant, Sykanda