Research & Advisory Team

These are the research and advisory team members involved in the Regional and Rural Broadband Project (R2B2).

Research Team

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Dr. Helen Hambly
Poject Lead
Mamun Chowdury
Mamun Chowdury
PhD Candidate

Dr. John FitzSimons
GIS/data analysis

Dr. Laxmi Prasad Pant
Fieldwork & Analysis

Advisory Team

Mr. Campbell Patterson
SWIFT Project Consultant

Mr. Geoff Hogan

Ms. Ashleigh Weeden
Communications Manager, SWIFT

Prof. Catherine Middleton

Ryerson University
Policy research 

Dr. Reza Rajabiun
Ryerson University
Telecoms investment; finance

Dr. Rakhal Sarker
University of Guelph
Economic analysis

Dr. Todd Sands
University of Windsor
IT systems

Mr. Jason Tran

OMAFRA liaison; rural broadband policy & programming