The notion that farmers are simple, uneducated people is mistakenly believed by many. In fact, the opposite is becoming more truthful everyday as farmers are adopting new technologies to bring their operations into the age of Precision Agriculture. Watch this video to see this how Rick Willemse, President of Yellow Gold Farms in Parkhill, Ontario and Mike Duncan, researcher in precision agriculture from Niagara College collaborate to develop a way of turning the vast amounts of data into useful decision making tools.

With the rising use of precision agriculture and the accumulation of ‘Big Data’, there will be an increased demand for internet bandwidth to be able to handle the data transfers to and from cloud services. As part of our research for the R2B2 Project, we are looking at these types of systems, identifying the data requirements, and use that information to determine the broadband connections needed to support this growing sector. In so doing, we can analyse the gap between existing broadband and what capacity is needed to fully support precision agriculture as its use expands through Southwestern Ontario.

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