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Digital telecommunications infrastructure underlies most, if not all, dimensions of regional economies. Today, the internet is essential to the well-being of those who live and work in small towns and rural areas

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We examine the role that wireline and wireless broadband connections play in property values in Durham Region, Ontario. We find that wireline broadband connections contribute a similar amount of value as a 1% increase in total square footage or slightly more than an additional full bathroom. However, we urge caution in the interpretation of these results and call for further systematic study of this issue across Canada.

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Submission to the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel

Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) is a non profit municipally-led broadband expansion project created to improve internet connectivity in underserved communities and rural areas across Southwestern Ontario.

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Policy Brief 1: Benchmarking Internet Access Infrastructure Quality Gaps in Southwestern Ontario (2017)

This report provides an empirical assessment of the quality of broadband infrastructure within Southwest Ontario.
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Policy Brief 2: Rural Fibre and 5th Generation Wireless – Substitutes or Complements?

The development of next (5th) generation (5G) mobile technologies promises to improve wireless data throughput and reduce latency significantly compared to today’s 4G LTE networks.

Policy Brief 3: Broadband Infrastructure Quality Gaps in Ontario Needs-Based Broadband Funding as Economic Stimulus

Broadband funding must target high-need communities in Ontario.

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We welcome new collaborations and seek to ensure the best possible knowledge base for “all things rural Internet.” We do this not only for the sake of top-notch research and innovation, but also for the benefit of everyone living in Ontario and across Canada.

"Broadband Internet is an essential service for regional and rural innovation"
Helen Hambly
Project Lead